Legacy Application Modernisation

Don’t get caught out by ageing software - ensure you have a future-proof solution

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Are you keeping up?

Redevelop your legacy systems to ensure you have software that meets your business needs for the future

It may seem that a long running system will do forever, your staff are familiar with it and it just works. But keeping software up to date is essential to avoid risks such as performance, security and spiralling support costs.

Keeping up with technology provides the ability to innovate and stay competitive

Your software is your future

At Innovensa, we can help you modernise your systems to improve your productivity, stay competitive and to reduce your costs.

Where legacy software needs redeveloping, we offer our skills in web application development, mobile app development, database development and software prototyping.

If preferred, we can help with consultancy and evaluate the SaaS market and help you move to an established platform in your line of business.

Avoiding a Big Bang

We believe software modernisation works best when controlled and implemented gradually. Our team have many years’ experience to successfully guide you through the transition until your future systems are fully operational.

“The only constant in the technology industry is change.”

Marc Benioff


We’re at your service

We provide flexible support for the custom software we build.

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