Find out more about our software development process.

We follow a security and quality-focused, agile development process to get our work done.


First, we find out what needs to be done, through conversations and various analytical techniques. This information is then shaped into a requirements backlog.

The requirements allow us to design the optimum solution taking into consideration not only user needs but other factors like security and performance.


We prioritise the backlog then get coding!

We develop, test and demo in small iterations of work until the solution has some new or improved functionality.

Delivery & Acceptance

Using automated tools, the code is built and tested and released to test environments.

Different quality assurance tests are performed before the changes are accepted.


The new release is deployed to the live environment and checked once again before end users get the benefits of the changes.

Support & Maintenance

Once a system is in use, we ensure it is monitored and kept running smoothly. Any reported will be promptly dealt with.

More changes can be planned and worked on in further development iterations.

Are you thinking of developing a custom software solution and like the way we work?

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