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Here at Innovensa we focus our development on the Microsoft platform and use Microsoft core development tools and frameworks, which means we work a great deal with C#, Asp.Net, Sql Server and Azure. Naturally we adopt other technologies as appropriate depending on the project in hand!

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Innovensa is a Microsoft Partner
We love the ever-evolving, rich set of tools and frameworks provided by Microsoft especially Microsoft Azure, which is our preferred cloud provider. As a Microsoft Partner we have access to a fantastic toolkit to produce first-rate software.

A selection of our favourite tools

We develop most of our software using Visual Studio, which is arguably the best IDE around.

Azure DevOps is another superb tool which allows us to manage project work, source code, testing through to automated builds and deployments.

Here’s a selection of the some of our favourite tools, development languages and software frameworks that help us get the job done!

We are also believers in supporting the Open Source community and we sponsor one of our favourite projects, Fluent Assertions. This project helps us to write clean and readable unit tests for our C# code.

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Visual Studio 2019Visual Studio
.NET Core.NET Core
Entity Framework CoreEntity Framework Core
.NET Framework.NET Framework
Azure DevOpsAzure DevOps
SQL ServerSQL Server
Android StudioAndroid Studio

Developing software for the cloud

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As far as cloud platforms go, we use Microsoft Azure. There are several reasons why we prefer to build our software to run on Azure, here are just a few of them...
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  • Azure is an established cloud platform and has existed for more than 10 years and we have used Azure since its inception.
  • Over this time we've grown to love the range of features and pace of innovation. From the outset there has always been a good level of control, security and compliance available.
  • UK data-residency is provided by Azure which means your data remains in the UK.
  • Naturally, Microsoft Azure integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio and Azure DevOps so that the power of cloud computing is available at development, build, test and deploy time.

Keeping our skills super sharp

On the look-out for the next technology

We are committed to devoting part of the working week to developing new skills and understanding technology trends.

Presently we are looking into Blazor, .NET MAUI and Flutter 2.

Stack of books and open laptop to show Innovensa's commitment to learning
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