Case Study - Rapid Prototyping

Seeing an idea come to life through rapid protoypying


Read our case study on seeing an idea come to life through rapid development of a proof of concept.


By visualising remote engineers on a centralised map, the client believes they can provide a better service to its customers when responding to high priority requests.

In order to see if this is possible and effective, building a basic version of the solution was required.


A working solution was developed in a matter of a few days of a remote tracking application. The proof of concept system required four components: A mobile app, web API, database and web application. Apart from the mobile app, the remaining components were quickly developed and deployed to Azure using free and low-cost service tiers.

The mobile app, developed to transmit location data to the web API targeted Android for easy non-marketplace deployment.

To keep costs to a minimum open source library OpenStreetMap was used to display current location of the engineers and also to track their driving route.


Showed the key effectiveness of such a system

Cheap to host and easy redeploy using Azure

Drove further innovation and ideas

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