The technology we use to deliver great software


The platform for our work

We are a Microsoft Partner and trust the direction they are heading with the focus on "write once run everywhere". Microsoft have changed their culture and are now an open company, they listen and are continuously improving both their development stack and Azure cloud platform allowing us great opportunity to innovate for our clients.

We are always on the look-out for the next technology

What we use every day

At Innovensa, we develop software using Visual Studio, which is arguably the best IDE around and we use Visual Studio Team Services which allows us to very efficiently manage project work and code from discovery to delivery.

Our favourite tools for custom software development are

  • C#
  • Asp.Net Core
  • SQL Server
  • Xamarin
  • ... and a list of frameworks, tools and client-side languages too long to mention!

Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Azure Development

As far as cloud platforms go, we use Microsoft’s cloud, Azure , here's why ...

  • It is accessible to small and large companies alike with its low-cost entry point.
  • It has UK and EU-based data centres, which is great for projects where data must reside in these areas.
  • It is scalable and feature rich and also has a large number of compliance offerings for good governance.

On the look-out for the next technology

We are committed to devoting part of the working week to developing new skills and understanding technology trends, some of which we share in our blog.

Just like elephants we never forget and still have expertise in classic Asp, Delphi and VbScript which really help out with legacy application modernisation.

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We love nothing more than developing great software and bringing ideas to life. We have a wealth of experience and offer bespoke software development, consultancy, support and of course, always friendly advice!


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